Frames on WiFi – Management Frames

There are 3 frames :

  1. Management Frame
  2. Control Frames
  3. Data Frames

Management Frames :

  1. Beacons – to announce its present. It carried the SSID
  2. Probes
    • Request – come from client calling for AP
    • Response – answer by AP to the probe request
  3. Association
    • Association request – asking from one host to another and try to associate e.g. to synchronous a watch
    • Association response – answer to the association request
    • Disassociation – to disconnect the associate politely, then the host can unallocated any process that have been done.
  4. Authentication
    • Authentication
      • Open – Only two frames exchange asking for access and allow the access
      • WEP – Client send auth frame ask for access, BSSID will send auth frame containing the challenge key, then client send back the encrypted WEP key
      • WPA/WPA2 – it’s quite complicated, i’ll discuss later.
    • De-Authentication
      • Send from one station to others to terminate sessions, the station may still associated but there are no connection each other

This article was written by matn0t.